Your Dream Home Theater System – How to Choose the Right Components

Going to the cinema is a very expensive activity. Not only are ticket prices rising in recent years, it seems that drinks, popcorn and candy all experience price increases. Pair this with falling prices on high end electronics and the latest advances such as Blu-ray, and it’s no surprise that ticket sales and continues to decline as more and more people choose to set up “Home Theater”.

Today’s dream home theater consists of three things. First television or projector, 5.1 and 7.1 sound systems and media player devices, usually DVD players, but newer Blu-Ray players. This is a simplification of home theater settings, there are many choices and decisions that must be made in creating your dream home theater. This article will help you understand a simple understanding of the main components

Television or Projector – There are many choices here. When considering television, you have to decide whether you want a plasma screen, and LCD, DLP, or rear projection television. CRT or Cathode Ray Tube televisions are almost obsolete in today’s home theater systems. Each type mentioned above has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want a screen with high flexibility in placement, high quality images and prices are not the main factor – then the plasma screen is your best choice. If space is not the main factor and price, you can find great prices on high-quality rear projection television sets. In both cases you need to buy high definition television, they are almost standard on larger screen televisions today. High definition is determined by the pixel count of 720 dots per inch (DPI) or higher. To take advantage of Blu-Ray quality, your TV must have 1080 dpi pixels. Among 1080dpi sets you have a choice between 1080i and 1080p. The “i” stands for interlaced, and “p” stands for progressive scan. These terms refer to how often the pixels on the screen are refreshed. 1080p television provides higher quality images, and of course additional fees will be charged. Additional costs are worth the cost in my opinion. The latest advances in high definition television are 120 Hz sets, this new set should be better at handling movements, especially in terms of watching sports. Is it worth the extra cost it’s up to you to see for yourself. I imagine that given a few years 120 Hz would be the standard. At a minimum, I would recommend 1080p television for your dream home theater.

Sound System – This is the most complex part of your dream home theater setup. I say potentially because you can buy high-quality “home theater in boxes” and end up with a respectable sound system for your home theater with a little noise, or if you want to extract the maximum quality sound from your system and are willing to pay for what is needed; then building your own system of quality components is the best way. HTIBs or “Home Theaters in Box” are sometimes slandered by audiophiles because it is not a serious home theater sound system, but a little research will show you that in the past few years this pre-packaged system now has a decent component to be part of home dream theater. system. If you want to build your own system, the choices and decisions that you will face are numerous. But his homework and research deserve a final reward. Having high quality images certainly makes watching movies more enjoyable, but a great sound system takes you out of your living room boundaries and puts you in the middle of action. An audiophile quality sound system can take you into the deep Amazon jungle, or put you in the seat of a heart passenger who is pounding car chases on the streets of Los Angeles. A high-powered subwoofer will give the heart a beat, the chair vibrates the experience with every collision or explosion. Many will save on sound systems at the expense of high image quality, but they really lose half the experience of a dream home theater.

Media Player – Usually this is a DVD player or newer Blu-Ray player. When buying a DVD player, you must choose one with the conversion of the video signal to 1080p. Ask your seller if the player uses Faroudja Video Processing, this is considered the best conversion technology. Most Blu-Ray players will update the DVD. If you are willing to pay between $ 200 – $ 500, then a Blu-Ray player is definitely worth considering. The format war between Blu-Ray HDTV is over, so Blu-Ray is a safe bet. Blu-Ray is also capable of providing the highest quality lossless audio (True-HD or DTA-HD Master Audio), enabling your dream home theater sound system to truly shine. Finally Blu-Ray will be a standard home video standard, but the good news is that they will play all your old DVDs too. But if you are like me, after you get used to Blu-Ray quality, it’s hard to go back to an old DVD.

This is just a brief description of the main components. There are several other things to consider when building your dream home theater, such as cabling, speaker wire gauges, bipolar / bipolar speakers vs. direct transmitters only for beginners. My recommendation is that if you do research and make informed decisions about the main components mentioned here, then many choices on additional equipment and parts will begin to fall into place, and creating your dream home theater will become much easier.

Home Theater Systems Purchase and Design Guide

Most individuals will be happy to have a good home theater system.

It’s nice to have a large flat panel television and a good speaker system that allows you to relax when you watch the latest movies at the boundaries of your home. This is a high-cost way to enjoy your free time with family and friends. Having a theater system can also save a lot of money. Consider the cost of going out for a typical Saturday night movie. Gas, parking fees, snacks and movie tickets and sometimes stand in long lines. With your own system, you will save all that expense. If you want to enjoy this facility in your own home, it’s good to explore the market. The key is knowing where to buy.

Where to Buy a Home Theater System

There are many choices on the market for a good home theater system. Technological developments have paved the way for advanced features in home theater systems at very affordable prices. However, it can certainly help you if you know exactly where to go to get products that have good quality and affordable prices. I recommend starting from your local electronics store to find items for your home theater system. The only thing you need to do is survey the items you want for your home theater system. Look at various models and try them to see if they function with your specifications. Of course a discount home theater system is always better so try making it during store sales. Local discount stores can also give you good choices at more affordable prices. Requesting a stopped model from home theater components is always good. Most dealers will sell it at a lower price after the model is stopped by the manufacturer. So, if you target a particular model, you might want to wait a while until it’s available at a discount.

The internet community is a good source of information. This is where you can compare prices and get product reviews. You can even buy online if you find a good offer for a system. But make sure you buy from a trusted site that has a good return policy, at least 30 days after receiving the purchase. Also extended warranties are a definite plus. Even though your system will come with a manufacturing warranty, I prefer to have a warranty with manufacturers and distributors. In this way by having two guarantees I am covered at both ends.

Tips On Choosing The Best Home Theater System

Defining the best home theater system is a matter of personal choice. Does a $ 250,000 system offer better quality than a system that costs just $ 3000 to put together? Maybe, but how many people can spend a quarter of a million dollars on home entertainment?

Take my example. I am a home theater expert who doesn’t like anything other than being attracted to my favorite movies in my own home. In my free time it is my relaxation. My system that covers the basics like television, DVD and speakers and some optional extras keeps me back around $ 6000. I like it!

Two of my closest friends who happened to be my next neighbors were also homeless people with rather deep pockets. Their interpretation of the best system is among the best that Bang And Olufsen has to offer and they are happy to pay the number six to get the best quality. What do i mean? That’s a personal choice!

Satisfy Your Budget

Setting a budget that you can afford and then doing a little due diligence is your first step to finding your best system. Is your budget $ 3000? Do you realize that for this amount you can get yourself a small system that is very reliable and neat. A television, either plasma or LCD, DVD player, speaker system and projection system plus a cable that accompanies between $ 3-4,000 can be achieved. You only need to spend a little time researching the available options.

The entry level home theater market cuts the throat so bargains must exist. The majority of people looking for a system usually look at the end of this scale. Comparison shopping must be your number one priority. Take time to check various local stores. Never consider making a decision until you “sniff” each. After you finish doing this, it’s time to go online. Why? Because this is where you will most likely find the best purchase.

Home Theater Online

Searching for the best system will give you a myriad of results. Some sites are extensions of large stores that repeat many of the transactions that you physically check, however, many don’t and this gives you extra flexibility of choice. Other sites offer a number of information with some going “extra” and offering alternative mix’n’match or reviews about the “best bang for your money” available. The message here is not to rush and buy the first television or a combination of DVDs from the first seller you meet.

Personal choice is everything. The best home theater system on the market, literally, will get you back thousands of dollars, however, choose the best for you and your budget. Let me assure you, because only a few thousand dollars you can experience some quite serious pleasure!