Home Alarm System FAQ’s

Every time you are looking to buy a new product for consumer use there are questions that need to be answered to ensure that you make the right choice. For this reason we will try to answer some basic questions regarding the purchase and use of a home alarm system.

One of the first and most fundamental questions asked is if a home security system really reduces theft. There is a lot of data and there are many studies showing that houses that are protected by security systems are 3 to 4 times less likely to be broken into than houses without protection. Most homes that are protected by a home security system have a sign of decals and pages stating that potential protection and thieves, in many cases, will avoid attempts to enter these homes.

Another very important question raised is whether there are additional services provided for home protection. Not only is the housing security system that provides security and safety from burglary, but there is also additional protection available for smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, water damage, and even temperature control. In many cases there is even the possibility of monitoring around the clock to keep your property safe if the family leaves the house.

Motion detectors installed with home security systems are sometimes a concern for pet owners. When there are pets hanging around the house, most people worry about accidentally activating the alarm system. Of course the safest way to avoid this problem is to keep your pet limited to certain areas that are not monitored by motion detectors. However, there are a number of systems that allow motion detector calibration so that a pet weighing 35 to 40 pounds is less likely to turn on an alarm.

We are all worried about electrical disturbances because they tend to interfere with all electricity at home. But, the burglar alarm system is equipped with a backup battery so that your home does not have a security disturbance. This battery starts immediately after power is disrupted and has a battery life of up to 24 hours. After the home regains the battery system power is off and the battery starts charging.

The last important question concerns the response time for emergency personnel as soon as the alarm goes off. In most cases, the response time is in a few minutes, but it really depends on the system purchased, the monitoring company involved, and the response time of your local emergency authority.